Ophelia's Huis Guest Book/Concierge Information

Matt & Lisa both grew up in Pella and love the rich history the town has to offer. They enjoy time spent with their adult children and two grandchildren - Eilas and Ophelia. In their free time, Matt enjoys everything aviation (you’ll see nods to this in the house decor) and flies his Rans S21 experimental aircraft every chance he gets. Lisa enjoys home-decorating and being outside in nature. Together, they enjoy traveling and are always looking for unique and interesting places to visit. Having stayed in numerous vacation rentals, Matt and Lisa decided they wanted to provide a place for others to experience their picturesque hometown. At Ophelia’s Huis, we hope you find all the comforts of home and the amenities to elevate your stay.

House Rules

  • No overnight guests who are not already on the reservation

  • No smoking or vaping on the property ($500 cleaning fee if not followed)

  • Limit of three persons on the veranda at a time (Veranda is accessible seasonally, with an access code provided by hosts)


  • Hosts will send an access code via email / message 24 hours prior to the visit

  • Self-check in

Check-Out Procedures

  • Collect all garbage into the outside trash bin located on the west side of the house facing the parking spaces. Unfortunately, we do not provide recycling.

  • Place all used dishes in the dishwasher. We will start the wash cycle.

  • Pile used towels onto the tile floor in the bathrooms

  • Turn off all lights and fans

  • Remove all food - even unopened items - from fridge and pantry

  • *Optional* strip bed linens and place in collapsible laundry baskets found in each closet


We understand life and mishaps happen. If an item gets broken, please don’t throw it away. Simply leave it on the kitchen island for us to fix or replace. Missing items may be billed to the card on file.

Things To Know

  • Fire blanket and first aid kit are located in the cabinet above the washer and dryer

  • Fans in living room and three-seasons room are operated by remotes

  • Pantry opposite the oven and microwave is available for food storage.

  • The dishwasher is an updated model some people may not be familiar with operating.
    • To run a washing cycle:
      • Open the drawer you wish to run. Top and bottom drawers may be run simultaneously or separately. Same directions apply for both drawers.

      • Click the double-arrow button (far left button) until light is over the “normal” wash cycle selection. The light will blink slowly.

      • Push the solid arrow button (far right button) once so the light flashes quickly and close the drawer immediately. The drawer must be closed while the light is flashing quickly otherwise the cycle will not begin.

  • Microwave
    • Press “cook time” button

    • Rotate dial to desired amount of time

    • Press “start” OR push dial in to begin cooking

  • Refrigerator
    • Water dispenser is located inside the left door

    • Ice machine is in the drawer

  • Washer and Dryer
    • Detergent pods and dryer sheets are available to guests, located in bins on top of machines

  • Clothing Steamer and Hangers
    • Located in cabinet above the washer and dryer

    • Please steam clothes by using the hangers and rotating hooks on the wall opposite the washer and dryer.

  • Gas Grill and Firepit
    • The grill and firepit are available to use for no additional fee, that being said we cannot ensure that the LP tanks will be full during each visit. If the the tank runs out during your visit they can be exchanged at several local businesses Wal-Mart, Theisen’s, and Casey’s. The Casey’s Convenience Store three blocks south is the closest. If you have questions about changing and LP tank please ask.

    • If you would like to ensure full tanks prior to your visit, we can accommodate your request for $30 per tank.

    • Grill operation - please open/close tank inside grill cabinet for each use. Grill utensils are provided for your use. Starting the grill is easy with the electronic ignition button, just ensure that the LP tank is open and burning valve is in start position and hold button until grill ignites, then adjust burner for proper heat. When finished please scrape the grill, turn off burners, and close main tank valve.

    • Firepit operation - The firepit first requires you open the tank valve located in the black box on the patio. This provides gas to the firepit valve, which is then opened with the silver valve key. Once gas is flowing to the burner in the firepit, press the igniter button until the flame ignites. The initial flame can be large so don’t stand directly over the burner. After the flame is lit the flame can be adjusted with the silver key. Sometimes the red regulator valve on the tank will need to be adjusted as the tank get low on LP. When finished for the night turn off burner valve with silver key, and then close main tank valve in the black box.

  • Guests are welcome to use and play the games found in the three-seasons room

  • Upstairs Veranda - The Veranda will be open seasonally. When in season you will be given an access code prior to arrival. To ensure safety, adult supervision is required. Please limit use to three guests at a time, and we recommend keeping the door locked when not in use. To unlock the door, enter the provided code and then press the top button with three lines. To lock the door, close the door and hold any button for two seconds.

  • Side porch, off the dining room, is available to use at guests’ discretion. When not in use, please keep the door locked. *Recommended to supervise children, as there is no railing*

  • Charging ports are available in the secretary desk (dining room) and next to each nightstand in all bedrooms

  • Murphy bed - if you choose to put the bed away before check-out, please strip the bed linens

    • Slide bottom drawer out completely

    • Lift hinged top (only front portion with lift. No need to remove decor from the back section)

    • Unlatch locks on both the left and right inside the cabinet. Lay the front door down and fold open to cover the extended drawer completely

    • Unfold mattress

    • Bed linens will be located in the closet

    • QR Code is also available for visual directions, if desired.

  • Closet below steps and linen cabinet upstairs are accessible to hosts only. These hold our cleaning supplies and extra linens. If more linens are needed during your stay, please message the host. An extra fee may be applied for this request.

  • In case of severe weather, access to the basement will be provided by the hosts via an access code. (Trust us, this would be the only time you’d want to go down to that unfinished space.)

  • There are three off-street parking spaces available at the house. One is off Washington Street (vehicles cannot block sidewalks) and two are located in the parking lot to the west of the house, indicated with signs. If more spaces are needed, please let us know.

We truly hope you find your stay to be as comfortable and accommodating as possible. If there is anything we have overlooked or that comes up during your stay, please feel comfortable to reach out to us. For the most prompt response, please send us a text message.

Ophelia's Huis is named after the owner's - Matt and Lisa - granddaughter. This Greek name meaning "to help or aid" sets a direction for what this house will be. Matt and Lisa have always embodied selflessness in what they do and look forward to continuing that with this vacation rental.

Situated in the notable, yet quaint, town of Pella, Ophelia's Huis is an ideal vacation home for those looking for the comforts of home while being away. No thought has been spared when stocking the closets and cabinets.

Why Pella? Pella continues to show its vibrant culture through the years. Explore the rich history of the town if you care to, otherwise enjoy the plenty of other sights to see. The Pella Opera House has a calendar full of different entertainment choices, and there continues to be a growing list of other food and entertainment venues in town. Looking for more of a secluded getaway? Pella is situated on Lake Red Rock which offers trails, state parks, and plenty of other scenery to enjoy.

What type of getaway are you on?

Couple's -

Pella's "small town, big heart" feel makes it a wonderful location for a couple's getaway. Here's an itinerary we'd suggest:

Breakfast at Windmill Cafe for those who enjoy a hearty meal to start the day. Or, snag a baked good from Jaarsma's or Vander Ploeg's bakeries. Coffee from Smokey Row or Iris Coffee will help your day get started off right. Then, spend some time wandering along the shops on Franklin Street. With shops ranging from homegoods to knick knacks and outdoor gear, everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. For lunch, stop at Dutch Fix or the Butcher's Brewhuis. A stop at Cordova's Tower will give you breathtaking views of the local scenery around Lake Red Rock. You'll also find trails to take a nice walk along if you're craving a little more fresh air. Dinner at Liberty Street Grill or Las Cantaritas and drinks at the Peanut Pub or Nederlanders Golf and Tap will hopefully end a lovely day.

Girl's Trip -

A weekend with the girls can refresh the soul. Staying at Ophelia's Huis can be the stepping stone to fantastic memories. Just minutes away from shopping boutiques and coffee shops, your group can spend their time shopping as long as they'd care to. Feeling a little less inclined to shop? Stay home and enjoy the propane fireplace in the backyard oasis and have a pre-prepared meal from The Markt for lunch. Find the beauty salon and get your nails done before taking in a show at the Opera House or Community Center. Enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop bar at Butcher’s Brewhuis.

Family trip -

Tour the Historical Society to learn how the Dutch lived and farmed their land. See the inner-workings of the largest working windmill in North America. Does each child have a different preference for lunch? With so many options within walking distance, everyone is sure to find something to enjoy.